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About EUC Nord

As a vocational college for technical and business studies EUC Nord has a unique position in Vendsyssel. In a region with a lot of exciting challenges we take part in carrying out the job to offer youth and adult education that matches the societal needs we are facing. It's an amazing job that requires an extensive knowlegde within several areas. And not at least it demands a steady hand when navigating between ministries, businesses and students all craving for new knowledge.

We offer education in Frederikshavn and Hjoerring which we have done for more than 10 years as EUC Nord.

In a year we have about 2.500 fulltime equivalent students, distributed between about 7.500 apprentices and students.

Educationally we cover a very wide range:

  • Technical and mercantile vocational college
  • Technical High School
  • Commercial High School
  • Higher adult education
  • Adult an re-training courses

Welcome to EUC Nord

A. Neil Jacobsen